TopBrewer, the best coffee maker in the world
After the bubble of capsule systems, it is gratifying to see how traditional methods continue to evolve to present us a coffee maker like the spectacular TopBrewer, by the Danish manufacturer Scanomat, without a doubt the best coffee maker in the world.

Everything in it oozes technology and Scandinavian design. Of course it does not have to be anything cheap and at all it seems destined for the home, but it really is those appliances that have all the ballots to mark trend.

And no, it is not a prototype as we have said before is the best coffee maker manufactured to date. Only some privileged people will be able to enjoy it, but some of their advances and ideas will be extrapolated to the domestic sector.

To start the simplicity of its operation and its purity of lines. The user only sees a spectacular stainless steel faucet (adjustable height) sticking out majestically, like a countertop sculpture.

Looking better at the TopBrewer coffee machine, you can see the black control touchpad where beverages are selected, and the drain rack.

Depending on its performance and capabilities there are two models: the ScanBoost TopBrewer Pro and the CompactOffice, and optional modules can be added to keep milk and water refrigerated.

Features of the Scanomat TopBrewer coffee machine.

The virguerías of the best coffee maker in the world, start with their double coffee grinder connected to several tanks (for example with coffee with or without caffeine) and the smallest foam system in the world (incorporated in the end of the tap) that allows Heat the milk on demand and generate foam to correct the texture. Of course after each use clean all hoses with water using the Scanomatic system.

Turning to how important coffee is, say that the TopBrewer provides a wide variety of types, such as: Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, American Coffee, and traditional black coffee from freshly ground beans.

The sophisticated coffee grinder provides the right grinding point for each type. It only takes 25 seconds to make an espresso

The TopBrewer provides refrigerated drinking water, cold milk, hot tea water and steam to blanch vegetables, for example.

It is also capable of making chocolate in seconds and dispensing juices of various flavors with the right accessories.


However, great design is only half the story. Now we talk about computing …. And more specifically of its communication by wifi or bluetooth with our IPAD or IPHONE ……. A superfluous addition for uniforms?

Well no, it is a step to control all aspects of the coffee machine from our pocket, being able to save our coffee combinations or drinks as favorites on the IPAD or IPHONE. Arrive, put the glass and go.

But as we have said above, and although the promotional images are taken in a domestic kitchen, these types of coffee machines only fit in office environments or exclusive restaurants and bars, in fact Scanomat company only expects to sell between 30 and 40 coffee makers a year .

Of prices and availabilities we do not speak since in theory already it must have left for sale.